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Bullying and Teasing


Bullying and teasing is the number one social problem amongst our youth today. You would be surprised how the environment and even your own behaviour influence whether your child will bully and tease or be bullied by others. This very  informative workshop will provide you with concrete facts for you and your child towards decreasing the severity of this social problem. 


Child Development and ELECT



The Ministry of Education of Ontario has put ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) as the framework for children’s learning.  Find out how children’s development fits within this framework. 


Fostering Positive Body Images                 in Young Children


With the rise in eating disorders, bullying and peer pressures it is time to really look at these negative behaviours and how they impact on our children. Come and join us for the keys to fostering positive body images in our children.



Guiding Children’s Behaviours



Discipline is necessary but it does not have to be negative! Learn practical ways of discipline that are both positive and effective. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our expert in an interactive question period at the close of the workshop.



Navigating the Child Care Jungle



Looking for child care can be a very daunting task!  Allow our expert to help you explore the many child care options available to   you. By joining us in navigating the child care jungle you will become well informed about child care for your family.



Neuroscience and Brain Development in Infants to 3 Years of Age



Come and learn about the Windows of Opportunity and brain development according to current information on brain development and patterning.



Picky Eaters



Either you have one or you know one. It is hard to ensure the picky eater is getting nutrition as well as variety in their diet. At this workshop you will get   some great ideas and recipes to improve both nutrition and variety of the picky eaters’ diet. Receive handouts of recipes and menus and learn how to disguise even the leafiest vegetable.



A Safe Home Environment                            for Children  



If you have children or care for children, providing safety in your home and around your property is very important. Discover the newest safety products and procedures available to you.






We are sure you have heard the saying “that storytelling is an art”.  However, anyone can be a storyteller and we will show you how to be a great storyteller for children.



Summer Play



Great weather can be a time for lots of creativity and play. Join us for an interactive and sharing of ideas to do in both sunshine and rainy weather during the summer. Find out what is available throughout our great city as well.



The 7 R's of Developing Permanently Learned Behaviours in Young Children


Developing a learned behaviour is like riding a bike, or is it? Join us in this lively informative workshop that will guide you through 7 possible contributors to a learned behaviour. Explore ways to make it last a lifetime.



Teaching Children Self-Regulation



Our goal is to guide children into becoming independent, confident and self-regulating adults.  Come and learn   key steps for encouraging and teaching self-regulation in children.



Temperaments in Children and Adults




Matching or clashing? Each of us has our own temperament (not temper) and it does   affect how we interact with each other. Join us to discover yours. You may be very surprised to find out how it affects your child and other significant people in your life!



The Value of Play



There is more to play than meets the eye or ear.  Take this time to learn how valuable play is to promote wholeness and wellness of children. This workshop designed for those who work with children is easily adaptable to parents and guardians as well. Come learn how playing is learning and living at all ages.



Would you leave your child with me?     (For Providers)



This workshop is for child care Providers to learn about what parents are looking for in a home that provides safe and quality child care.



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