Ongoing Fundraisers:


Mabel's Labels

Mabel's Labels is an on-going fundraising at City View Centre. By visiting Mabel's Labels through this link, Fundraising Support | Mabel’s Labels | Raise Funds With Kids Labels (, you are supporting our Centre's programs when you make a purchase of your own. Mabel's Labels ships worldwide and has a variety of name labels and tags for all your child's belongings. They have also recently introduced a new combo pack, exclusive to fundraising programs only, giving you great value for a great price. Check t out - Mabel's Labels is sure to have something for everyone!

 Fundraising Support | Mabel’s Labels | Raise Funds With Kids Labels (  



RONA Partnership

RONA Nepean, RONA Gloucester and City View Centre have teamed up in a major fundraising effort. By presenting the card below at the “Commercial Sales Counter”, parents and providers can receive a 5% discount off their purchases (some exceptions apply). In addition, a percentage of each sale will be returned to City View and monies received will be used for the benefit of the various programs. This card can be printed off more than one time. Cards can also be picked up at the front office to distribute amongst friends and family.

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