Flexible Care House Program

Program Information

The House- an extended day program serving children 1-12 years of age is a first of its kind in Ottawa.

We want all children using this program to feel at home – their “home away from home.”

This space is setup as a home with an open concept living room, dining room and kitchen, two bathrooms; one with a tub and one with a changing table and separate private stand up shower and toilet. Our bedrooms have multiple bunk beds, single beds, crib and trundles for the siblings that do not want to be away from each other. Children can stay for a few hours to all day or overnight, whatever the need. We cannot provide 24-hour care for one child, there must be a break in care within the 24-hour day.


The Flexible Care program provides for the following goals:

  • To provide the comforts of home away from home
  • To provide a stimulating program or a restful space for children
  • To provide opportunities for exploring, learning and social interaction through a variety of daily activities
  • To provide materials that will stimulate the stages of development for each child
  • To provide opportunities for the use of large and small motor skills with both indoor and outdoor activities
  • To provide a safe environment for exploration
  • To provide each child with their own space to put their personal belongings
  • To provide opportunity to develop self-help skills during their stay



  • The ratio of educators to children will depend on the ages of the children attending the program at a certain time. We will follow the ratios as provided by the Child Care and Early Years Act.
  •  This program is a family grouping therefore the ages of children will vary from 12 months to 12 years of age
  •  There can be a maximum of fifteen (15) children in the Flexible Care Program at any one time.


Fresh, nutritious meals and snacks are prepared on site daily, by our chef. Who is a graduate of Algonquin College and has numerous years of experience in the food industry.  Our menu provides a three week rotation of meals and snacks which follow the Canada Food Guide.  We are a “Nut Free” facility. Infants who are not eating regular food may have the option to bring their food daily.

Rest Time and bedtime:

Rest times will be set by the parents according to their contract and the children’s requirements.

The nighttime bedtime routine will start @7pm for the younger children, all children will be in bed by 8:30pm during the week and 9pm on the weekends (unless otherwise agreed upon). We follow Canada’s Safe Sleep statement.

Outdoor Play

The playgrounds are inspected on a daily, monthly and seasonal basis by program staff and on an annual basis by a Canadian Certified Playground Inspector to ensure that the environment and equipment is safe for the children. Children are taken outside both morning and afternoon, weather permitting.


Now accepting applications through the City of Ottawa's waitlist.



As enrolment and need increase so will the hours and days of availability for care.

Enrol your child(ren) now by going to the City of Ottawa waitlist or call Kirsten at 613-823-8244 ext 233 email k.dunn@cityviewcentre.ca