Playgroup Policy and Procedures

For the purposes of this document, “playgroup” also refers to drop-ins, and “participants” will include parents, guardians and caregivers.


General Information:


  • Services are offered in English and participants may request service in other language. We may be able to serve the participant in language that they prefer.
  • Playgroups are open to participants accompanied by any child/children 0 to 6 years.
  • All groups operate on a first come first serve basis – there is no advance registration.
  • Participants must be responsible and in control of their child(ren) at all times (indoors and outdoors).
  • For safety, supervision and liability issues, we limit each adult to bringing a maximum of five children.
  • There is a room capacity limit in place for all playgroups. For fire regulations and quality assurance, we limit the capacity to 30 participants (this includes adults and children).
  • On specified days, the Centre offers population specific playgroups. Attendance at these playgroups is open to these populations only. Check the Centre calendar to see what other playgroups are available to you throughout the week.
  • In order to allow fair access to all families, the Centre reserves the right to limit the participation to its program to once a week per location. If the program is not full after the designated start time, Centre staff reserve the right to grant access for a second visit in the same week.
  • Signing in is important and is required for a variety of reasons. The Ministry of Education and the city of Ottawa require us to submit statistical information. We also use the sign in information during a fire drill or any emergency evacuations, to ensure that everyone is safely out of the building and accounted for, and to establish when we have reached our room capacity.
  • It is City View Centre’s policy that staff do not accept any personal gifts. However, should you wish to acknowledge the staff, please inquire about the possibility of making a donation in his/her name to the charity of your choice, or donate a toy to Toy Mountain? You may also choose to bring an edible nut-free gift, which can be shared by all staff.
  • A process is in place should the participant wish to communicate any comments or suggestions regarding the provision of services in English and the programs they accessPlease feel free to ask a staff member for our Feedback Form or contact the EarlyON Child and Family Centre Program Manager at 613-825-5990 Ext. 237 or by email at
  • CVCCFS believes in the prevention of violence in the workplace and promotes a violence free working environment in which all people respect one another and work together to achieve common goals. Any threat or act of violence committed against any employee is unacceptable conduct that will not be tolerated.  


Workplace violence includes, but is not limited to:


  • Threatening behaviour  - anything that would give an employee reasonable cause to believe that he/she is at risk of injury
  • Verbal or written threats that express an intent to inflict harm
  • Shouting or offensive language
  • Physical attacks
  • Any other act that would arouse fear in a reasonable person in the circumstances.

When school busses are cancelled our off site playgroups are also cancelled.  Our playgroups at CVC remain open


Safety Information:


  • Everyone must wear indoor shoes or rubber-soled slippers while in the playroom
  • Unless you have a legitimate need for assistance with opening the main doors, we insist that you do not let the children press the accessibility paddles for the following reasons:

      The doors stay open for approx. 20-25 seconds after activation. Children are fast and could get out of the building into the parking lot or down the stairs unattended.

      With the doors staying open for 20-25 seconds, it allows entry to the building by unknown person(s) without the proper screening process. The screening process has been            carefully established to protect the staff, children and visitors in the Centre.

  • For obvious reasons, children are discouraged from pressing the “lula” button. The “lula” is an elevated lift, specifically intended for use by persons with a disability. We want to prevent an injury caused by the door closing on your child, or panic should the door close and your child is alone in the “lula”.
  • Please be aware that there may be times when fire drills are conducted.  These alarms are very loud. Our exit is through the main entry doors and across the parking lot.  


  • Please take into consideration that staff are working in offices and allowing children to bang on the outside windows while you are waiting is very distracting.
  • The flower gardens are for everyone’s viewing enjoyment. Please help keep them beautiful by not allowing your child(ren) to walk in the flower gardens, pick the flowers or rearrange the mulch.   
  • There is a designated parking area for strollers, bicycles and wagons outside the building entrance; they are not permitted in the building.
  • A lost and found box is provided for items left at the centre; we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  All unclaimed items will be donated after every season.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the premises of CVCCFS. Smoking of tobacco or cannabis, or use of an electronic cigarette, is not permitted inside the premise of CVCCFS. Smoking of cannabis, including through the use of a vaporizer or electronic cigarette, is entirely prohibited on CVCCFS property. CVCCFS is committed to promoting and protecting the health environment for our families. Accordingly, we promote and maintain a smoke-free workplace in accordance with provincial legislation.


Entry Procedures:


  • As most businesses do, we have a specified opening time, regardless of weather. The staff need preparation time to set up before participants enter the playroom.  The doors will open as specified in our calendar for the playgroups.

Entry to the building will not be permitted before the aforementioned times, so please don’t arrive too early as you will be required to wait outside.

  • Participants are asked to wait outside in the designated area.  It is imperative that the front entrance not be blocked, in accordance with required safety and fire precautions.
  • Gradual entry is necessary to limit the number of people in the front foyer, as the noise level in the lobby can become quite loud, impacting on staff persons in nearby offices.


Playgroup Participation:


  • Due to allergies, we only allow foods that are peanut and nut free. Please do not bring any food that contain or may contain peanuts or nuts in the room. Water and cups are always available for the participants. Coffee and tea are available for adults. Thermal mugs with lids must be used for hot beverages and the mugs must be kept out of the reach of the children.
  • Circle time is planned at a set time.  Participants are expected to help tidy the room for circle.  Please encourage your child to participate for circle by role modelling. If they are having a difficult time please take him/her out of the room so that everyone else can enjoy the circle.
  • Should you need to step away for any reason, please have another adult supervise your child/ren. Never leave your child/ren unattended.
  • Physical discipline and verbal abuse of any child/ren is not allowed.
  • In the event of a dispute or accident, parents and caregivers are expected to intervene with their children first.  Staff will support and help as needed. The staff member present will complete an incident/accident form and if possible, the parent/caregiver will be asked to sign the report.
  • Parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate in all activities with their children.
  • All toys must remain in the area for which they are intended.  Please direct your child/ren until they understand the rules.
  • Diaper changes must be made on the change table provided in the washroom.  Soiled diapers are to be placed in diaper disposal unit.  Please use your change pad or a disposable sheet when changing your child.  When finished, please wipe the change table using one of your wipes.
  • Feedback is welcomed on a continual basis and we conduct a satisfaction survey every two years. The information from these surveys is used to develop our strategic plan, to improve our services and ensure that we are meeting the needs of the families in the communities that we serve.



Policies and procedures at the centre have been established to assure your safety and that of your child/ren.  If a breach of these policies occurs, the Program Manager and/or her designate have the authority to refuse entry and to ask you to leave the premises.


The policies and procedures contained herein are subject to revision and can be modified without notice.  Reproduction or distribution of these policies is strictly prohibited, unless written authorization is granted by the EarlyON Child and Family Centre