Waiting List Information


Full Fee Spaces

If you want to put your child's name on our full fee waiting list you can do so by doing any of the following:

♥ Fill out the Introductory form and email the completed form to Brian at b.polnick@cityviewcentre.ca 

♥ Calling (613) 823-8244

By sending an email to b.polnick@cityviewcentre.ca


Please remember that you must also register with the City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waitlist.

We do not charge a fee to place a child on our full fee waiting list.


The following criteria is used in determining who gets the next space:                                                                 

♥ Which age group has the space

♥ Whether or not the program can meet the needs of your child and family

♥ Date of client application  



Subsidy Spaces

For parents who need a fee subsidy from the City of Ottawa you can register by calling 311 or go to www.ottawa.ca/daycare.

Please ensure that you indicate City View Centre for Child and Family Services "Group Care" as your child care choice.

In determining who gets the next available subsidy space, the City of Ottawa’s has an established priority criteria which they follow.  This criteria can be found in the 2015 Child Care Service Plan - Schedule H at www.ottawa.ca.

For a subsidized space, the City of Ottawa has to approve the client’s eligibility and authorize payment.