Accessibility Policy

City View Centre for Child and Family Services has developed this Policy to ensure that the Agency meets all government regulations for providing services for people with disabilities. We will endeavor:

  1. To ensure that CVCCFS uses reasonable efforts to ensure that the Accessibility Policy is consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity.
  2. To permit the use of assistive devises by people with disabilities to access our organization’s service.
  3. To take a person’s disability into account when communicating with them.
  4. To ensure that if service animals are not permitted on the premises, there are alternate measures available to enable a person to access our services.
  5. To permit persons with disabilities to enter the parts of the premises that are open to the public or other third parties with their support person, and to provide notice of any fee charged to the support person.
  6. To post a notice on the Centre’s website, door or elevator (LULA) of any temporary disruption in services that people with disabilities would usually use to access CVCCFS’s services, including the reason, duration and any other alternatives available.
  7. To provide an avenue to receive and respond to feedback on how the Centre’s services are provided to people with disabilities, including actions that CVCCFS will take when a complaint is received.
  8. To make readily available to the public the Centre’s feedback process, including how feedback may be provided (ex. In person, by telephone, in writing, via email, on diskette or other).
  9. To ensure that the following people receive training about providing services to people with disabilities: every person who deals with the public or other third parties on behalf of CVCCFS, and every person who participates in developing the organization’s policies, practices and procedures on providing services.
  10. To ensure that the training includes the Centre’s current policies, practices and procedures required under the Customer Service Standard.
  11. To have a written training policy that includes a summary of the contents of the training and details of when the training is to be provided, and to keep records of the dates that training was provided and how many people were trained.
  12. To post a note at a conspicuous place on the premises, on our website, or by another reasonable method, that the documents required by the Customer Service Standard are available upon request, and to provide those documents in a format that takes a person’s disability into account.





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